Raking Shores

Raking shores is a system of giving temporary support to an unsafe wall. The construction of raking shores, also known as inclined shore, varies with the conditions of site. In all cases wall-plate 23 cm. X 5 cm. to 23 cm. x 76 cm. it size is fixed against the unsafe wall with hooks. The wall-plate is further secured to the wall by means of needles. The needles which are 10 cm. x 76 cm. in section penetrate inside the wall for a distance of about 10 cm In turn, the needles are strengthened by providing wooden cleats. The top end of the inclined rakers rest against the needles. At their base the rakers are supported by a sole piece bedded in an inclined position in the ground. The rakers are secured to the sole piece by cleats and dogs. In soft ground the area of the sole piece is increased so as to distribute the pressure over large area. In places where more rakers are provided, they are bound together by means of hoop iron or braces 25 cm. thick and 15 cm. wide. The inclination of the outer raker to the ground should vary between 60 to 75°. The sets of shores should be usually placed at 3 to 46 m. centre to centre along the wall length.

Raking shores

Fig. Raking Shores


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