Shoring and Types of Shoring

‘Shoring’ is the means of providing temporary support to attain stability of the structure under the following circumstances.

(i) To unsafe structures, the stability of which has been endangered due to the unequal settlement of the foundation, or due to the removal of adjacent buildings, or due to the defective or bad workmanship, or due to any other reason.

(ii) To structures which might become unstable, when certain alterations are required to be done in the structure itself (such as re-modelling of walls, etc.) or, during the alterations of adjacent buildings such as underpinning of (the adjacent building) foundations, dismantling of adjacent building, etc.

The following points in connection with the installation of shores should be noted.

(i) Temporary support by means of shores to unsafe structures may be given externally or intern ally and in certain cases they may be provided from both sides of the wall to produce additional stability. But, before the installation of shores, the necessary permission from the local authority should be obtained.

(ii) Shoring is used to maintain equilibriums the over-turning forces must be resisted by the supporting shores. To achieve this, it is essential that the lines of action of the overturning forces in floors and roofs, the forces in walls and the reaction of the shores must meet at a single point.

(iii) Shoring may be made of timber but for resisting heavy loads, it may be built of steel tubes, suitably braced steel sections or a combination of timber and steel tubes. Whatever material is used, shoring should be strong enough to resist the acting forces, consistent with economy.

(iv) This temporary shoring should be provided to unsafe structures till such times as they have been made stable.

Types of Shoring:

Shoring are classified into the following three classes either on the basis of their supporting characteristics or their position in the space:

1. Raking or Inclined Shores

2. Flying or Horizontal Shores

3. Dead or vertical shores.


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