Termite Treatment for Foundations

This termite treatment consists in treating the soil under the building and around the foundations with some chemical emulsion which can kill or repell termites. In this termite treatment about 500 mm deep trenches arc made along the external peripherial wall of the building with the help of shovel (width of the trench being equal o the width of the shovel) and 12 mm dia to 18 mm dia holes at 150 mm centres are then made in the trenches close to the wall face with the help of iron rod. The holes should preferably extend upto the top of footing of foundations or to a depth of at least 500 mm whichever is lesser. The holes are then filled with chemical emulsion in water and the hack fill earth is also sprayed with the chemical emulsion as it is returned to the trench thereby creating a barrier of poisoned soil along the external, periphery of the building. The total quantity of the chemical to be used in this termite treatment should be 75 litres per sq. m of the vertical surface of the masonry in foundation.

Termite Trearment

In case of RCC frame structure, the chemical treatment shall he applied to the soil in contact with column sides and plinth beams along external periphery of the building for a depth of 500 mm below ground level.


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