Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring is popular in many countries, it is used in residential buildings as well as public buildings like offices, hospitals, school etc. It is noiseless, comfortable, clean and durable. Like linoleum, rubber flooring is manufactured in the form of sheets or tiles in a variety of colours. Its thickness seldom exceeds 10 mm. Rubber sheets or tiles are made by combining at very high temper ature pure rubber with cotton fibre, granulated cork, asbestos fibre, other glues and colour pigments to get the designed colour. The rubber tiles are laid by glueing them to a smooth and thoroughly clean and dry base by use of a special adhesive. The base may be of concrete, R.C.C. or wood. It is expensive in its initial cost but it serves as a most durable wearing surface in long run. However, oil or grease renders the floor slippery and it becomes difficult to restore it in good condition.


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