Mastic Asphalt Flooring

On account of its being dustless, elastic, durable, waterproof, acid proof and attractive in appearance, mastic asphalt flooring is becoming very popular these days. Mastic asphalt flooring is non-slippery and noiseless too, as such it is recommended for use in factories, loading platforms swimming pools, and terrace floors etc. The construction of floor involves the following operations:
(i) Preparation of mastic asphalt.
(ii) Laying of the prepared compost (mastic asphalt)

(i) Preparation of mastic asphalt:

Asphalt which is generally sold in drums, is broken into pieces and is put into an iron pot known as “Cauldron” and is heated with the fire lighted under it. During the process of heating when melting of asphalts starts, the whole mass is stirred in such a manner that the pieces at the bottom are constantly brought to the surface. When the whole quantity has melted, clean sharp sand or grit is gently added to the molten mass in proportion of 2:1 (two parts of sand or grit : one asphalt). The mixture is constantly stirred till it emits jets of light-brown smoke. At this stage, the mixture or compost is of such a consistency that it drops freely from the stirrer and is considered to be fit for use. The cauldron is then taken off the fire to prevent the compost from getting over-burnt and the mixture is used immediately.

(ii) Laying of the prepared compost (mastic asphalt):

The compost is poured on the previously prepared concrete bed by means of iron ladle. This is brought to a uniform thickness (which may vary from 13 mm. to 25 mm.) by means of trowels. Before the compost becomes bard, very fine sand in small quantity is sifted over it and the surface is well rubbed with a hand float or trowel. In case, it is necessary to have a second layer of asphalt, it should be laid before the bottom layer solidifies (no sand being sifted over the bottom layer in that case.). The top layer is then finished in the same manner as described above.


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