Rapid Hardening Cement

Rapid Hardening Cement, as the name indicates these type of cement gains high strength in early days. But, the initial and final setting time of Rapid Hardening Cement is same as that of ordinary PPC cement. These cements have about 56% of tricalcium silicate which is higher content. These are due to the following facts,

1. These cements are burned at higher temperatures,

2. The cement is grinded to fine,

3. high percentage of lime content.

Advantages of Rapid Hardening Cement:

1. The formwork of concrete can be removed in early days, because it attains high strength in fewer days.

2. The Compressive strength in one day is 11.50 N/mm2 and in three days 21 N/mm2.

3. the tensile strength in one day is 2 N/mm2 and in three days 3 N/mm2.

4. Require less curing period.

5. The use of this cement allows higher permissible stresses in the design. It therefore results in economic design.

6. It is not damaged easily.

Disadvantages of Rapid Hardening Cement:

1. It is costly.



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