Uncoursed Rubble Masonry

Uncoursed Rubble Masonry is the poorest form of stone masonry. The stones to be used for the work are directly obtained from the quarry, after merely knocking off weak corner and edges with the mason’s hammer. The stones are carefully laid so as to break joints as much as possible. To avoid thick joints, chips of stone or spalls are wedged into the hearting. The face stones selected from the heap should have uniform colour, uniform bed and greater size. One-fourth of the face stones should tail back in the hearting in the form of headers. Bond stones provided to interlock the two faces should extend up to the full thickness of wall if the wall is less than 60 cm. in thickness. For wall thicker than 60 cm., a line of headers overlapping each other for a length of at least 15 cm. is laid right through the wall. The quoins are chisel or hammer dressed and are laid as header and stretcher alternately. In this work the thickness of joints should not exceed 13 mm.

uncoursed random rubble masonry

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