Test for Sand – Fine Aggregate

The required test for sand are as follows,

1. Take a glass of water and add some quantity of sand in it. Then it is vigorously shaken and allowed to settle. If clay is present in sand,its distinct layer is formed at top of sand.

2. For detecting organic impurities in sand, take a container add some quantity of sodium hydroxide or caustic soda and also add small quantity of fine aggregate/sand stir the container. If the color of the solution changes to brown it indicates the presence of organic matter.

3. To find the presence of salts in sand, the sand is actually tasted.

4. Take a heap of sand and it is rubbed against fingers, in case if the fingers get stained then it clearly indicates the presence of earthy matter.

5. The color of sand will indicate the purity of sand, the grain sharpness and size can be observed by naked eye.

Other test for sand such as void ratio, durability are carried out by mechanical analysis.


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