Storage of Cement

Cement can be safely stored in sacks for a few months if kept in dry and air-right room. If prolonged storage of cement is unvoidable, it is better to empty the bags and stock the cement in as deep a heap as possible in a damp-proof enclosed space. Paper sacks are better than jute sacks as regards deterioration by moisture. Cement stored for more than six months should be tested for soundness before use on all important works and which period may be three months when stored in jute bags. Concrete made with storage-deteriorated cement takes longer to harden.

Cement in bags should be stored in a dry room on a raised wooden platform 15 to 23 cm above the floor level and 30 cm away from walls. Bags to be stacked in not more than 10 layers high (max: 4.5 m) to prevent bursting of the bags in bottom layers. The bags should be placed close together to reduce circulation of air and all openings in the room should also be well closed. If the piles are to be more than seven or eight bags high, the bags should be placed in headers and stretchers, i.e., alternatively lengthwise and crosswise.


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