Mud Flooring

In tropical countries, mud flooring is commonly constructed in villages. Mud flooring are cheap, hard, fairly impervious, easy in construction and easy in maintenance. Mud flooring remain warm in winter and cold in summer and hence are most suitable for places where the temperature is extreme during these seasons. The method of its construction is very simple. Upon the prepared bed, a 25 cm thick layer of selected moist earth is evenly spread out and is rammed well so as to get a consolidated thickness of about 15 cm.

mud flooring
Mud Flooring

It is important to note that no water is used during the process of ramming. In order to prevent the formation of cracks after drying, chopped straw in small quantity is mixed with the moist earth before ramming. The mud floor is maintained by giving a thin cement cow-dung wash (1:2 to 1:3) once or twice a week.


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