Hydrophobic Cement

Hydrophobic cement as the name indicates that these cements are used in places where water is predominant. These type of cement contains some of the admixtures like acidol, napthalene soap, petrolatum (oxidised) along with others. These admixtures form a thin film layer over the cement grains. If water is added to hydrophobic cement,  the absorption films are torn of the surface and they do not in any way, prevent the normal setting of cement. But, in initial stage the setting of hydrophobic cement is slow because the admixtures surrounding as a thin film over the cement grains prevents the interaction with water. But the strength after 28 days when compared to that of ordinary cement is same.

Advantages of Hydrophobic Cement:

1. These cements are used in construction of dams, spillways, under water constructions.

2. It can also be used in cold weather conditions.

3. Strength is same as that of ordinary cement.

Disadvantages of Hydrophobic Cement:

1. It is very Expensive.




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