Granolithic Flooring

Granolithic flooring is nothing but a final coat that are used over a cement concrete floor for finishing purposes, thus making the surface resistant to wear and tear caused due to abrasion action.  Granolithic concrete is made of cement, sand and specially selected aggregates like basalt or limestone or quartzite. In granolithic flooring, the grading of aggregates plyas an imporatnt role. The coarse aggregates are well graded from 13 mm. to I.S Sieve No. 240. The granolithic flooring concrete mix is generally in the proportion of 1:1:2 or 1:1:3. The granolithic concrete should be laid before the base concrete has set. The minimum thickness of finishing should be 1/2″ . After laying the surface is tamped and floated with wooden floats and finally smoothened by means of steel trowel.


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