Flag stone Flooring

Flag-stone is defined as any laminiscated sandstone which is available of adequate thickness. The flag stone flooring may be square or rectangular with width not less than 38 cm. and thickness varying from 20 to 40 mm. The sub-grade for flag stone flooring is prepared by laying a 10 to 15 cm. thick layer of lime concrete over a bed of well consolidated earth. On this sub-grade well- wetted flag stones are laid on 20 to 25 mm. thick layer of bed mortar. When the stone slabs are properly set, mortar in the joints is raked out to a depth of about 20 mm. and flush pointed with cement mortar (1:3). A slope of 1 to 40 is necessary to be given in flag stone flooring for proper drainage.

Flagstone flooring
Flag-stone Flooring

Merits of flag stone flooring:

  • It is hard, durable and resistant to wear and tear and as such is used in workshops, garages and godowns.
  • It is easily repairable.
  • It is easy in construction.
  • In stone districts, it can be used with economy.

Demerits of flag stone flooring:

  • It does not give a pleasing appearance and hence it is not suitable to be provided in places like residential building or important public buildings.
  • Its usage is not comfortable.


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